Our Realisation

We are going to be going from a four bedroom home to an apartment, right in the city, living minimally and even getting rid of our car, eventually. Those words tumble out with great glee and enthusiasm to anyone that asks. One reaction was, oh so you’re having a midlife crises then? No, no we … Continue reading Our Realisation

Watch out for Penguins

“Those curtains won’t photograph well”, exclaimed the agent. “You’ll have to buy some others, white would be better. I’d swap out your table and chairs for something more modern and in white, but I love your floor tiles”! Now I personally don’t want my family room looking like an igloo and everything in stark white, … Continue reading Watch out for Penguins

Letting Go

My mind is totally blank. Totally blank as to what to say on this blog. Actually it’s not really totally blank, it’s polluted with thoughts of cleaning, packing, moving, selling, organising and thinking about a complete life change, you know the boring stuff. Stuff the average joe doesn’t want to know about, hey there’s days … Continue reading Letting Go

The Bermuda Triangle

I’m not sure when I first heard about The Bermuda Triangle. Maybe it was on the news on the television, my father never missed the news, but it led me to reading about it when I was a teen. I couldn’t get enough of it. The mystery, the circumstances, the people involved. To this day … Continue reading The Bermuda Triangle

Is Blogging Still A Thing?

I’ve debated over starting a blog for a long time.  I should really do this, it’ll be good to get things off my chest.  I did a fair amount of research at WordPress.com as to what I needed to do, even started to think seriously about domain names, which obviously I have now chosen.  Then … Continue reading Is Blogging Still A Thing?