Things Are Getting Real

I’ll do a teaser on Social Media about your house, before the real advertising kicks in next week, the agent informs us. No problem I thought, get the word out there. Then I see it, the teaser. Gulp. We are really doing this. I know we have been preparing for months but it’s not until you see it in black and white announcing it to all and sundry, that it becomes very real.

My heart rate quickens, I’m starting to feel anxious, thoughts are swirling through my head, are we doing the right thing? Of course we are, I say to myself, we need to do this desperately, things will be ok. I’ve never been comfortable with the fear of the unknown and there is a lot of unknown ahead. I like knowing where I’m going and when, I like to plan. We have planned as most as we can for now, the rest will come, but there’s so much unknown. Anxiety is starting to set in, I can feel it in my chest.

Just breathe, things will be ok.

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