Our Realisation

We are going to be going from a four bedroom home to an apartment, right in the city, living minimally and even getting rid of our car, eventually. Those words tumble out with great glee and enthusiasm to anyone that asks. One reaction was, oh so you’re having a midlife crises then? No, no we aren’t. We have just had a huge realisation in life, what’s important and what is not.

Life was going along swimmingly, same old thing, living way out in the suburbs, surrounded by too much of everything, stuff we didn’t really need, but had anyway. Then a major thing happened. A major health scare. What so early in this life, no one saw it coming and now the aftermath has to be dealt with daily. Life changed, no longer could things be done so easily, or with such enthusiasm. Gardening, hell no, no energy for that. Travelling all that time to and from work, getting more tired as the week wore on, something had to change.

I had prior to all of this happening, watched The Minimalists documentary on Netflix. It struck a chord with me, a very deep one. I started to tell hubby about it. Then when health worries crept up on us, we talked more and more about the minimalist lifestyle. Yes let’s do this. Move closer to work, walking distance close, get out of the suburbs and into the city, living a totally different lifestyle to what we were used to. An easier lifestyle, a minimal lifestyle.

People our age or older are starting to think of moving and doing the complete opposite, going somewhere quiet, get out of the hustle and bustle, they think we are slightly mad. Maybe we are, but cities bring me alive, they always have, even as a kid, school holiday time I always had several trips by bus into the big smoke, as we used to call it. I loved it, every single time. I still do to this day. I like movement, things happening, as I look out of the windows in our current house, there’s quietness, stillness and well nothing. I’m over nothing. Time for a change.

We are both so looking forward to this.

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