Letting Go

My mind is totally blank. Totally blank as to what to say on this blog. Actually it’s not really totally blank, it’s polluted with thoughts of cleaning, packing, moving, selling, organising and thinking about a complete life change, you know the boring stuff. Stuff the average joe doesn’t want to know about, hey there’s days I don’t even want to know about these things either.

A major lifestyle change is a challenge, but it’s exciting as well. Downsizing is daunting. Giving up those precious boxes of photos that have been collected all those years. Digitising them is a saviour. Finding treasures hidden in boxes with the exclamation of “geez I thought we had got rid of that years ago”. Letting go. It’s a challenge. Some things are easy to let go, ornaments, trinkets, crockery etc, but there’s always one every now and then, that makes you pause, reminisce and put it aside to the ‘to go, but not just yet’ pile.

It’s come to the time where that pile now has to go. It’s slowly getting easier, I’m finding that once out of sight, the memory of that object fades, you still remember, but it’s no longer in the forefront of your mind.

Bring on the challenge, I hope to make it out the other side with all my faculties as they are.

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